Travelling by bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca would mean sitting back in a comfortable seat and watching good movies over air-conditioned environment. First-class buses going to the city offer affordable fare rates, which makes it convenient to take when travelling from Mexico City. However, because the city is 325 miles away from Oaxaca, taking a bus may require some effort, but nonetheless will save time and money.

To find departure schedule, it’s best to check at the websites of the major bus companies in Oaxaca or Mexico cities. While there, also find the nearest Metro station from the bus station you will be departing. It is always advised that you go to the bus station a day before your departure date to avoid any inconvenience. Prices of bus tickets usually vary depending on the time you purchased it – so buy them ahead of time to save some cash.

Bus Stations in Oaxaca

When in Oaxaca, you will learn that the city has two major bus stations. These are ADO Terminal for first-class buses, and Terminal Terrestre for second-class buses. The ADO Terminal usually caters to bus routes from and to Mexico City. It also provides services to Veracruz City, Villahermosa, Tuxtepec and Palenque cities. The station is located just west of the city’s baseball stadium.