Getting around Oaxaca is an enjoyable experience as the city has an affordable and fairly efficient urban transport system. You can explore the city by taxi, by hired car, or by bus. You can also get around the city by foot to give you a close look of Oaxaca’s exceptional character.


By taxi

If you are itching to see any of the small villages and great archaeological sites around Oaxaca, you can take a taxi for around $100 pesos per hour. You have to negotiate the price before you take off to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding later in your tour. If you have an adventurer inside you, go for Colectivo Taxis that pass by various villages. These taxis are scattered around the Central de Abastos.

If you are staying in a hotel, request the front desk to hail a cab for you. When getting around Oaxaca, you should only take radio taxis (Tel 954/582-0990) or “sitios” or taxis that are based at designated stands (Tel 958/587-0712). Always take note of the taxi driver’s name and the cab’s licence plate number.

By car

If you prefer to hire a car and drive all by yourself, Oaxaca has a lot of car rental companies that offer competitive prices. Contact the following:

Alamo – Nº 203, 5 de Mayo St., Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City. (Tel 951/514-8534)

Budget – Nº 315, 5 de Mayo St., across from the Camino Real Oaxaca, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City. (Tel 951/515-4445; 951/511-5252 at the airport)

Hertz – Plaza Labastida 115-49, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City. (Tel 951/516-2434; 951/511-5478 at the airport)

By bus

Buses to Guelatao, Mitla, Teotitlan de Valle, and Tlacolula leave from the Second Class Bus Station across the Central de Abastos. Collectivo buses also leave from the streets surrounding the Central de Abastos. On the other hand, buses to Monte Alban leave the station every 30 minutes from 8 am until 3:30 pm from the Hotel Rivera de Angel, 518 Mina.