Spanish Schools

Because majority of the people in Oaxaca speak Spanish, it would be to your convenience if you also get yourself familiar with the language, especially if you are staying in the city for more than a week. There are various ways to learn Spanish in the city. You can browse for resources online, read Spanish-English dictionaries, or you can simply enroll in a Spanish language school in Oaxaca. Here are a few of them:

Academia Vinigúlaza

Abasolo 503 Centro Historico

951 513-2763

This Spanish language school has been offering Spanish classes for more than 10 years already. It specialises in personalised lessons for small groups of about 2-6 students. The teachers are fully-trained and are native Spanish speakers. They are also noted to have exceptiona amount of patience.

Amigos del Sol

Pino Suárez 802 Office

951 133-60-52

Amigos del Sol is popular among travelers because it offers relatively cheaper Spanish lessons. Classes take place every weekday between 8AM and 9AM, 3PM and 4PM, and after 8PM.

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Avenida Juárez #909

951 515-3404

The schools offers languge programs catered to learners of all levels and requirements. It gives students a choice between a one-on-one instruction and group classes. Aside from its Spanish language classes, the school also provides cultural workshops to visitors to provide a deeper understanding to the Spanish culture.

Español Interactivo Language School

Armenta y López #311-B

951 514-6062

With 15 years in the business of providing Spanish language education to travelers, this language school has established itself to be among of the credible language institutions in the city. It provides quicker and personalized learning because it limits its class to up to three students only. The best thing about this school is that it requires no registration fee or deposit to be enrolled.

Solexico Language and Cultural Center

Abasolo #217

951 516-5680

This language school aims to “provide the best quality instruction of Spanish as a Second Language“. Its Spanish courses are specially categorized to meet the learning needs and requirements of students.