Learn Spanish

Mexican Spanish is the Oaxaca language spoken in the city and the state. But the geographical topography all over the Central Valleys (Valles Centrales) has lead to separation between communities. Thus, each indigenous group has maintained their own unique sense of identity. They have preserved their traditional culture and norms, including their language.

The Oaxaca languages that continue to be spoken and used regularly around the region are attributed to the 16 ethnolinguistic groups that inhabit the region. But while we can easily define these native languages, there are actually many more if the many dialectal variations are included. Here are the 16 ethnic groups in Oaxaca and the number of people who speak their language (the data below come from the 2005 census):

Zapotec – 357,134[14]
Mixtec – 290,049
Mazateco – 164,673
Chinanteco – 104,010
Mixes – 103,089
Chatino – 42,477
Trique – 18,292
Huave – 15,324
Cuicateco – 12,128
Zoque – 10,000
Amuzgo – 4,819
Chontal – 4,610
Tacuate – 1,726
Chochotec – 524
Ixcateco – 207
Popoloco – 61

Of these speakers of indigenous language, almost 478,000 are non-Spanish monolingual.

There are many schools in Oaxaca that teach Spanish. One of the top schools is Soléxico, whose thrust is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning Spanish in a short period of time while being immersed in the Mexican culture. Its professional staff, coupled with effective teaching methods and strategies, maximizes the students, learning capabilities.

Solexico in Oaxaca is located right in the center of the city. Its strategic location allows students to easily access a number of cafes, museums, art galleries,shops and Internet cafes. Set in a colonial building, the campus has a large patio where students get together during the breaks or after classes.