Oaxaca is an ideal summer holiday destination. It offers not only great architecture with guaranteed sun, but also delicious cuisine, interesting culture, pulsating nightlife, and a wide range of festivals and art exhibitions. Spend your summer in Oaxaca and you will find how colorful the city is during this season. There are so much things to see, hear, taste, and experience in the city that there is no room for boredom.

Oaxaca is a vibrant and history-rich city with a multi-ethnic society of America, Native American, and Spanish traditions. This diversity is reflected on the city’s culture and food. You can get to know the city better during the summer season. Get a dose of Oaxacan history by visiting Zocalo, also known as Plaza de la Constitucion de Oaxaca. This plaza has been the heartbeat of the city for more than 500 years. Stores scatter around the plaza and its dominating landmark is the grand old Cathedral, which dates back to the 1700s.

Summer is also a good time to visit popular Oaxaca attractions such as Monte Alban and Mitla, as well as other inviting ancient ruins such as Cuilapan, Dainzu, Lambityeco, Yagul, and Zaachila. Also worth visiting are historical sites, including the Plaza of the Constitution, Ex-convent of Santa Catalina of Siena, Governor´s Palace, and the Macedonio Alcala Theater.

Get a taste of the Oaxacan cuisine. Signature foods include tejate, tamales, hot chocolate, and different salsas known as moles. Also try great vegetable dishes (including nopal and a many types of corn dishes), tasajo or salted beef skirtsteak, and the tasty salchicha oaxaqueña (beef sausage with recipes coming from Ejutla). If you have a more adventurous palate, try indigenous dishes including various insects.

Looking for accommodations for a summer in Oaxaca is hassle-free as you have accommodation options to choose from. The Casa de Don Pablo Hostel and many other hostels in the city have affordable nightly rates. This allows you to enjoy your summer holiday in Oaxaca.