Day Tours

Aside from the top attractions and architecture sights in Oaxaca, there are also a number of interesting villages and archaeological sites around the city’s countryside. The best thing about these attractions is that most of them are easily accessible. For instance, the landmark ruins in Monte Albán and Mitla is just 30 minutes and an hour away from Oaxaca, respectively.

Visits to these places can include mini stops to some interesting villages along the way, especially if you are heading to Mitla. Many of these villages also feature small municipal museums, making your visit more enriching. The village of San José El Mogote, which is the site of the “earliest pre-Hispanic village-dweller groups” for instance, displays statues and carvings found around the town. The municipal museum of Teotitlán del Valle on the other hand, features a display showcasing the weaving process

Going to Monte Albán on the other hand will be a whole new experience for you as the place offers various sights and attractions that will take your breath away. This old Zapoteca capital which sits on a hill 9km away from Oaxaca is admired for its archaeological structures, which include the Tomb 7, the ball court, altars, pyramids, and cemetery among others.

If you are staying in Oaxaca for more than a week, plotting a day tour in the city will make your itinerary even more exciting and interesting. This will not just take you to countless of breathtaking attractions, but will also give you a deeper understanding of city’s geography as well as an opportunity to get to know more locales.