One of the first things that you should consider when planning for a trip to Oaxaca is your accommodation in the city. And if it’s accommodation you are looking for, the hotels in the city would be a convenient, not to mention, comfortable option. There are quite a number of hotels in Oaxaca so choosing the best one for you would be easy. Here are some of them:


Some of the cheap hotels in Oaxaca are Hotel Casa Arnel (Aldama 404 tel. 951/515-2856), Hotel Casa Cue (Aldama 103 tel. 951/516-7786), Hotel Maela (Constitución 206 tel. 951/516-6022), and Las Golodrinas (Tinoco y Palacios 411 tel. 951/514-3298).

Hotel Casa Arnel is located less than 1km from zócalo. Its garden courtyard which has parrots and other birds will entertain travellers with kids. The rooms are plain but are nonetheless comfortable.

Hotel Casa Cué on the other hand is a modern hotel situated 2 blocks from the zócalo. Its good air-conditioning and good service makes it an ideal accommodation for those who are in a budget.

Hotel Maela is a family-owned hotel offering economical yet comfortable accommodation. The rooms in this hotels range from medium to small, most of these have one double. The rooms also have TV and free internet service.

Las Golondrinas is a charming hotel with one story. Its patios have roses, fuchsia, bananas, and bougainvillas. Its rooms are simply furnished with tiled floors, a small desk, and chairs.


If you want to treat your serlf and your family with a little more comfort and luxury, you can choose some of Oaxaca’s pricey hotels, like Camino Real Oaxaca (5 de Mayo 300 tel. 800/722-6466), Hotel Victoria (Lomas del Fortín 1 tel. 951/502-0850), and Las Casona de Tita (García Vigel 805 tel. 951/516-1400).

The Camino Real Oaxaca is a magnificent hotel set in a 16th century landmark. Its courtyards feature age-old walls that will remind you of the building’s original purpose. The service is good with facilities that make each penny you pay worth it.

Hotel Victoria is located high above the city’s downtown area. It features a rare combination of a good proximity to the city while have the feeling of distance.

La Casona de Tita features simplicity with style as it blends colonial and modern themes. This is a good choice for those interested in the local art scene.