Apartments in Oaxaca allow you to customise your stay in the city. Although they are quite pricey, this accommodation option enables you to truly feel at home and be more personal while in Oaxaca. Below are just three of the apartments ready for rent in the city:

Alma de mi Tierra Apartments

Located at Aldama 205, Alma de mi Tierra has a fully furnished smoke free apartment measuring 500 sq. ft. It alread has 1 bedroom and bath as well as dining and living area. The master bedroom of this apartment is already furnished with a king size bed. The kitchen already comes with 4 burner gas stoves, oven, toaster, fridge, blender, and a coffee maker. The common patio area is adorned with plants on pots.

The privacy this apartment offers makes it an ideal option for coupes (who should be above 21 years old).

Enjoy the free wi-fi access, basic cable TV, and other amenities in this apartment.

Estancia de Valencia

This 2-storey smoke free house features 3 bedrooms and baths located on its second floor which also provides a view of the living/dining room. Located in Margarita Maza 207, the apartment sits on Oaxaca’s historic center. For your convenience, the apartment’s kitchen is already equipped with refrigerator, stove, and a full set of kitchen utensils. The house can accommodate up to 6 people. And although it may be perfect for families, those with children below 15 years old, will not be admitted.

Encanto Jalatlaco

Lying in Ninos Heroes 115, Encanto Jalatlaco is a 2-storey house with a detached bedroom. It has 3 bedrooms and baths, a living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. The second floor is a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a large built-in closet (perfect for ladies with huge luggages). The kitchen in this apartment is already equipped with utensils and other amenities for your convenience. As it is a smoke-free area, smokers are not allowed in the apartment. Additionally, children below 15 and pets are also not admitted.