Top Attractions

There is so much to see, taste, hear, and experience in Oaxaca. It is a busy yet charming city, which demands a great deal of your time to explore all its wonders. Hover over the following top Oaxaca attractions to give you an idea when planning your trip.


Visiting excellent Oaxaca museums will add insight to the images you will see while you are in Oaxaca. Here are some of the more popular museums: Santo Domingo Cultural Center, House of Juárez Museum, Photographic Center Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Philately Museum, and Museum of Popular Art.


Do not fail to visit the stunning churches in the city. Include in your itinerary the Temple of Santo Domingo, Temple of San Felipe Neri, Basilica of the Soledad, and the Temple of San Agustín.

Monte Alban

Monte Alban is one of the most popular Oaxaca attractions. It is located at the intersection of three wide valleys on top of a mountain which the Zapotec people leveled off and established great city that once ruled the region. Your visit to Oaxaca will be incomplete without this attraction.


The Town of Mitla rose from the ruins of an ancient city, making a fascinating contrast between a once stunning city in ruins and the present day city that has never reclaimed the glory of the pre-Spanish period. We suggest that you visit Monte Alban first, and if you have enough time, visit Mitla.

Other ruins

There are other ruins worth visiting in Oaxaca. These include Cuilapan (an important Mixtec center), Dainzu (which remains un-excavated), Lambityeco (the human characters in stucco are worth seeing), Yagul (see the the largest ball in the Oaxaca Valley, tombs, fretted stone mosaics, hige defensive walls, and the ruins on the acropolis), and Zaachila (known as the last Zapotec capital).

Oaxaca historical sites

Other historical sites in Oaxaca worth a visit include the Plaza of the Constitution, Ex-convent of Santa Catalina of Siena, Governor´s Palace, and the Macedonio Alcala Theater.


Markets are among the top Oaxaca attractions. The Alcala Street North of Independencia is a pedestrianized shopping district where you can buy the finest Oaxacan crafts. The New Market is a huge marketplace where you can find items sold by vendors from nearby Indian villages. The Mercado Benito Juarezl sells village crafts together with fruits, vegetables, leather goods, clothing, and jewelry.