Many people world dream of traveling to the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. It is not surprising why it is a popular destination: it is gifted with rich history, old tradition and culture, and friendly people. If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, we highly recommend visiting the charming Oaxaca. Below are some of the most interesting Oaxaca facts:

Oaxaca got its name from Huaxyacac,  the Nahuatl name for the land. The Spanish conquistadors found it difficult to pronounce the name, so they renamed it Guajaca, which was later spelled Oaxaca. The “de Juárez” was later to commemorate Benito Juárez, a native of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca is nicknamed “la Verde Antequera derived from its prior name “Nueva Antequera” and due to the variety of architecture built from native green stones.

Historically, Oaxaca is the home of the Mixtec and Zapotec people.

The state of Oaxaca has more speakers of native indigenous languages compared to any other state in Mexico.

The city has a human population of 380 thousand.

An interesting Oaxaca fact: The coat of arms has the image of the beheaded Donaji, a natives princess in the years soon after the Conquest.

In 1987, along with the Monte Alban archeological site, Oaxaca was listed as a World Heritage Site.

One of the most unusual delicacies in Oaxaca is chapulines, a cuisine that primarily consists of barbecued grasshoppers.

Mezcal is one of the best-known products in Oaxaca. It is an alcoholic beverage much like tequila but it is distilled from different varieties of cactus other than the blue agave.

Oaxaca has 16 indigenous groups (formally recognized), each retaining its mother tongue, often in addition to Spanish.

April and May are the driest and hottest months in the city, while June is the wettest month. Things improve considerably after the summer season.

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