Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is the capital of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is located in a high mountain valley close to the center of the state. Also known as “The Land of the Seven Moles”, Oaxaca had a population of around 256,000 people in 2008.

This beautiful city is gifted with great natural beauty, which for centuries has been protected by the rough geography that surrounds it. Today, it continues to offer visitors its natural marvels created through the passage of time.

The city is very rich in history and has fascinating culture. The Spanish colonizers, led by Hernando Cortes, settled in Oaxaca in 1522. The city was first known in the Nahuatl language as Huaxyacac until 1532 when the Spanish colonizers named Nueva Antequera. The main square (zócalo) is the heart of Oaxaca and has remained so since 1529. Today, the zócalo is the site of repeated political protests and rallies, which turned violent in 2006.

Oaxaca and its surrounding towns are well worth exploring for their amazing sights. The city is home to stunning churches, fascinating colonial buildings, and marvelous ruins. Many of the earlier colonial buildings in Oaxaca are located in the center. The city is also well-renowned for its and beautiful arts and crafts. Some villages specialize in weaving, embroidery, wood carvings, and pottery. And do not forget to sample some popular food in Oaxaca.