People in Oaxaca love food and they love to indulge. In general, the city’s restaurant scene is so busy that we assure you will find restaurants that offer delectable food of your choice. Here are some of the highly recommended Oaxaca restaurants:

Casa Oaxaca. If you want to splurge on meal that you will not find in other eateries in the city, Casa Oaxaca is your best bet. Request for a rooftop table to maximize the experience. There, you can enjoy a five-course delicious menu for $32 per person. We suggest you try house specialties like corn mushroom soup, succulent sorbets, and fresh and juicy fish with tomato marmalade. Treat yourself with nice Spanish wines and other good local options. Address: Constitución 104A, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, 68000. Tel. (951) 516-8889 and (951) 516-8531.

Como Agua Pa’ Chocolate. This restaurant serves top-class food, with a romantic atmosphere. It has impressive dishes and a fascinating fusion of Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean ingredients. You have to try the champandongo, the quails in rose petal sauce, the king prawns that are flambéed in orange sauce, and the chiles en nogada. Address: Hidalgo 612 Altos, near the Alameda park and Cathedral. Tel: (951) 516-2917.

El Naranjo. One of the best Oaxaca restaurants, it is well-known for offering all seven moles once a week. Address: A block west of the Zocalo on Valerio Trujano 203. Tel. 514-1878.

La Biznaga. Have a wonderful dining experience in a covered courtyard filled with nice set of arts as well as wireless web surfers. Try creative Oaxacan food at very  reasonable prices. Address: 512 Garcia Vigil Av. Tel: (951) 516-1800.

La Toscana.  This restaurant serves the best martinis in the city and tasty seafood with Italian flavor. We suggest you ride a taxi when going to this fine restaurant. Address: 5 de Mayo 614 Col Jalatlaco. Tel: 513-8742.

Marco Polo. If you are craving for seafood meals, Marco Polo is the place to be. Here an one of the most popular Oaxaca restaurants, indulge yourself with the ceviche as well the beer with chiles. Address: Pino Suarez 806, located next to the Paseo Juarez. Tel: 01 (951) 513-4308.