The magical and fascinating Oaxaca is home to numerous museums, art galleries, and art exhibits. This makes it hard for visitors which one to visit first. To help you with your Oaxaca museum tour, we have identified the city’s major and must-see museums.

Benito Juarez Home

Located at Garcia Vigil 609 between Quetzalcoatl and Carranza, this museum is the home of the former Mexican president during his teenage years. It has interesting memorabilia and striking period furnishings ca. 1820-1840.

Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca

Located at Alcala 507, opposite the Santo Domingo Church, IAGO was founded in 1989 by Francisco Toledo, one of Mexico’s most important and original contemporary artists. The museum houses around a 10,000 volume library on art and literature, archaeology, architecture, movies, photography, and crafts and design. It also has temporary exhibition galleries, a collection of more than 5,000 graphic works, and a book shop that sells publications.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca

This important Oaxaca museum is located Alcala 202 between Murguia and Morelos. It is housed in a huge colonial building that features two gorgeous patios. It also has a book shop that sells non-commercial monographs, postcards, magazines, and books about Oaxacan arts and culture. The museum has permanent collection of the works of Oaxaca artists like Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tamayo, Rodolfo Morales, Francisco Gutierrez, and Rodolfo Nieto.

Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Colombian Art

This museum stands at Morelos 503 between Tinoco y Palacios and Porfirio Diaz. Rufino Tamayo, the great Oaxan painter, restored this striking colonial house. You will find here his collection of pre-Columbian arts from the country’s major ancient civilizations.

Regional Museum of the State of Oaxaca

You will find the Regional Museum of the State of Oaxaca in Alcala between Berriozabal and Gurrion. One of the most excellent Oaxaca museums, this is a must-see attraction largely because of its stately architecture and because it shows important information about the history of Oaxaca. Collections include artifacts from the nomadic period to the pre-Hispanic civilization. Highlights include the gold jewelry unearthed in some of the state’s archaeological sites and the rich trove discovered by archaeologist Alfonso Caso.

Religious Museum of la Soledad

This museum is housed in the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad on Independencia 107 between Morelos and Arteaga. This Oaxaca museum exhibits works of art, adornments, and memorabilia related to the patron saint of Oaxaca, the Virgin of the Soledad.