Oaxaca Cuisine

Oaxacan cuisine gives you an amazing dining experience. It is an exotic mixture of aromas. Colors, and flavors you will not find in other places – the culinary delight enters by the nose and eyes. The city has numerous flavors that will satisfy even the most sophisticated and fussy taste, so one of the first things to do in this charming city is to find Oaxaca restaurants that will delight your demanding palate.

The Mole (from the Nahuatl word ‘Molli’, which means mixture) is a fine example. It is a rich sauce that is made with over 32 ingredients, including several varieties of seeds, chiles, spices, and chocolate. It is often served with chicken. Tamales is another local specialty. Made with special heed, it is frequently wrapped in banana leaves.

Oaxacan cuisine usually begins with some palatable appetizers that often include some of the city’s famed cheeses or quesillo. The nutty and soft cheese, made in the area, makes its way into a lot of dishes, even foods that are remotely Oaxacan or Mexican. The next time you eat your pizza in the city, you may not be having a mozzarella.

The coffee in the city has an excellent, world-class quality. Also, you should sample the Oaxacan chocolate. Mezcal, an antique local drink famous in the city, is considered by Oaxacans as a gift from their gods. Mezcal comes from the Nahuatl ‘Mexcalmetl’’, meaning ‘agave’. Today, maguey is the common word used in the city and the country to refer to this agave is maguey.

Oaxacan cuisine also features some nice local sweets. Jicuatote, a white jellylike dessert, is usually prepared with cloves, milk, cornmeal, and cinnamon. This specialty is cut into cubes or offered in tubs and often has a red top.