Oaxaca’s fun side becomes more apparent at night. It has many bars that appeal to different tastes and budgets. So get rid of those dull and bored feelings by cruising around this stunning Mexican city for that Oaxaca bars of your choice.

Café Central

This super cool bar screens art films, hosts theater performances and concerts, and features top-class DJs for late-night dancing. If you are into jazz, hop-hop, or folk music, Café Central is a great place to enjoy your evening. The bar is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Cover charges are up to $5. Address: Hidalgo 302, Centro Histórico.


Freebar has dimly lighted rooms and plays loud alternative music popular among youngsters who flock to the bar even during weekdays. It is the perfect place to have fun and get wasted. Do not be surprised if some French guy snatches your tequila as it is a fun way to meet people. While it has no cover fee, sometimes you must wait to get in. Address: Calle Matamoros 100, at Calle García Vigil, Centro Histórico.

La Casa del Mezcal

Bang the swinging doors of one of the more lively Oaxaca bars for an authentic cantina experience. Located near the Juárez market, La Casa del Mezcal boasts its stock of excellent tobala, a cousin of tequila that is made from wild agave. Address: Calle Flores Magón, between Calle Aldama and Calle Las Casas, Centro Histórico.

La Curacha

The energetic La Cucaracha is the perfect spot to get drunk and be merry. You can get 5 mezcals or 4 tequilas for only $10. Its cozy performance space has a cool, dark, colonial atmosphere, where you will be crooned by a romantic peña or solo-guitar folk singing. Address: Calle Porfirio Díaz 301A, at Matamoros, Centro Histórico.

La Farola

La Farola is slightly calmer than the vivacious La Casa del Mezcal, but it is no less classic. The bar has been in the business since 1916. Address: Calle 20 de Noviembre, between Calle Las Casas and Calle Trujano, Centro Histórico.

La Nueva Babel

La Nueva Babel is one of the coziest Oaxaca bars. The space is small, but it somehow squeezes in great performers: from a lone guitarist or poet to multigenerational son jarocho groups or jazz trios. The enthusiastic and attentive crowd is a mix of tourists and locals. Address: Calle Porfirio Díaz 224, at Calle Matamoros, Centro Histórico.