Parks & Gardens

Whether attending a merry religious fair, strolling around on a lazy afternoon, or taking part in a heated in a political protest, Oaxaca parks and gardens are host to all kinds of lively activities. Here are some must-see parks and gardens in the city:

Alameda de Leon

Alameda de Leon is one of the oldest Oaxaca parks. Opened in 1843, you will find here a statue of former governor General Antonio de Leon. He developed this place along with Benito Juárez, his secretary.

Jardín Socrates

Jardin Socrates or Socrates Garden is one of the must see Oaxaca parks and gardens. Formerly the main plaza of the Church of Soledad, it became a garden open to the public in 1881.

Labastida Park

Situated along Abasolo between 5 de Mayo and Alcalá Street, Labastida Park features a limestone foundation that dates back from the 17th century. It also boasts of the historic caja de agua, used by people during the Spanish colonial period for storing water. Artists exhibit paintings and sell traditional crafts, including Teotitlán weavings, jewelry, and black pottery.

Plaza de la Danza

Plaza de la Danza or Dancing Square is also a must-see. You can find it close to Jardin Socrates as they are part of the complex of churches of Soledad and San José. This park was built in 1959 by Eduardo Vasconcelos as an upper terrace. It hosts Bani Stui Gulal (repetition of antiquity) during the Gualaguetza celebration.

Paseo Juarez ‘El Llano’ Park

Located six blocks north of Zocalo, it is one of the most visited Oaxaca parks. Dedicated to former Mexican President Benito Juarez, it holds the distinction as one of the largest and oldest parks in the city. General Jose Maria Morelos planted some of the trees here in the 1812-1813 winter. A monument to Juarez was erected in 1894, which still stands today. It used to house a zoo from the middle of the 1900s to 1970. Today, El Llano contains gardens, walkways, four large fountains, and benches. December 12 is the best day to visit this park, when friends and families flock to celebrate the Virgen of Guadalupe.