Oaxaca Culture

Oaxaca is big enough to give the best choices in culture and entertainment. But this beautiful historical city is small enough to get around to. This popular destination bursts with intense energy and sparkling colors.

With 16 different native communities formally registered as indigenous groups, about half of the Oaxaca population still speaks a native language. These indigenous groups are well defined through language and dialect, rituals, customs, cosmogony, food habits, etc.

The traditional culture is evident in Oaxaca cuisine. When you visit the city, make sure that you sample local food. It usually begins with some palatable appetizers that often include some of the city’s famed cheeses or quesillo. The coffee in the city has an excellent, world-class quality. Also, you should sample the Oaxacan chocolate. It also features some nice local sweets. The city’s restaurant scene is so busy that you will find restaurants that offer delectable food of your choice.

In addition, Oaxaca is also a center of entertainment. Shopping is a big attraction in the area. Oaxaca has two busy markets: Zócalo and Abastos Market. You can buy Oaxacan crafts throughout Mexico, but the most authentic crafts are found in the colonial city its surrounding towns. Haggling is expected in many shops here.

Oaxaca offers an exiting and pulsating night activities, making it much easier for tourists and locals alike who want to enjoy an a great nightlife. The city has almost everything for people with varied taste. Jazz, salsa music, blues, and even folkloric shows are as popular as disco or rock, which makes a huge part of Oaxaca nightlife.